Easy Sparkling Fauxjitos plus Cinco de Mayo Recipes

We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a twist….of lime.

And mint!

That’s right, we’re making cocktails to go with our favorite Mexican dishes.

Well, actually, we’re making MOCKtails. “Faux-jitos” to be exact.

What in the world is a faux-jito? It’s a mojito without alcohol!

Easy Sparkling Faux-jitos
by Amy Love, Real Food Whole Health

Per drink:
2 organic limes
Handful of organic mint leaves
1 TBL pure maple syrup
6-8 oz. sparkling mineral water

Cut your limes into wedges, about 4 per lime. Into a rocks glass, squeeze the lime juice and add your the juiced wedges and mint to the bottom of the glass. Bruise the mint and smash the wedges using a muddler or large or bar spoon. Add maple syrup and mineral water, taste and adjust ingredients to your liking. Top off with ice and enjoy!

Looking for some tasty, gluten-free and nutrient-dense dishes to make for your own little fiesta?

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