Carmelized Broccolini with Garlic Butter

Carmelized Broccolini with Garlic Butter
by Amy Love, Real Food Whole Health

1 TBL bacon drippings (from organic, uncured bacon) or lard (high quality, non-hydrogenated from pastured pigs)
1 large bunch broccolini, washed, ends trimmed
2 TBL organic butter (raw from grass fed cows preferred)
1-2 cloves garlic, peeled or ¼ tsp organic garlic powder
Unrefined sea salt, freshly ground black pepper

In medium size sauté pan over medium heat, melt bacon drippings or lard. Add broccolini.
Season with salt and pepper and garlic powder (if not using fresh garlic).

Cook until hot, slightly softened and browned/carmelized. Add butter to pan to melt and toss broccolini to coat.

If using fresh garlic, grate it over the broccolini, toss again to mix with the butter and let sit in hot pan about 2 minutes to mellow the garlic.