A Guide to Choosing Healthy Herbs and Spices

A Guide to Choosing Healthy Herbs & Spices

  • Fresh herbs are easy to grow, even in a sunny windowsill, and add not only fantastic flavor and color to dishes, but also add minerals, enzymes and other healing properties to the diet. If you donโ€™t grow your own, look for local, organic herbs at the store or farmers market.
  • Spices truly make all the difference in cooking. A well-seasoned meal is a delight and spices add healthful properties to the meal.
  • Spices should be organic, local when possible, and non-irradiated (treated with radiation)
  • Use care when buying pre-made seasoning blends. Read the label carefully and make sure there are no binders, fillers, MSG (monosodium glutamate, a harmful neurotoxin) or other undesired ingredients.
  • Pepper should be freshly ground, rather than purchased pre-ground, as the flavor and nutrient properties are much better when ground fresh at the time of cooking.