How To Use Soap Nuts for Natural, Non-Toxic Laundry Care

How To Use Soap Nuts For Natural Laundry Care

Soap nuts are a super affordable, natural, non-toxic and sustainable laundry soap option.

They don’t really have any scent or irritants and once used up, the shells can be composted, leaving no waste.

Soap nuts are natural nuts found mostly in India and Nepal. They produce saponin, which is a natural detergent.

In the washer, the shell of the nut absorbs water, and releases saponin. This circulates around in the water and cleans your clothes.

To Use:
*Simply place a few (3-5) soap nuts in a reusable muslin bag (sold together in this soap nut kit) and toss in your washer with your clothes.

*If you will be using cold water, you may find that you get better results if you soak your bag of soap nuts in about a quart of warm water for a few minutes to activate the nuts, and then add the bag and the soaking water to your washer. I keep a quart Mason jar on top of the washer for this purpose.

*Wash your laundry as usual and then remove the bag containing the soap nuts when you move your clothes to the dryer. Don’t put the soap nuts in the dryer.
I like to use white wool dryer balls in light loads and dark wool dryer balls in dark loads to reduce dry time and static and naturally soften my clothes. (Tip- scent with essential oils for safe scenting!)

*Let the soap nut bag dry out (with nuts inside) and then use again in another load.

*When the soap nut shells soften and look sort of gray, just compost the remains and add new soap nuts to your bag.

It’s so easy, free of toxins and very affordable since the soap nuts can be used multiple times!