When Is The Best Time of Day to Take Your Probiotic?

While taking your probiotic any time of day will be of benefit, it turns out there might be an optimal time to take this beneficial bacteria supplement.

Can you guess when it is?

Many people think that first thing in the morning is a good time to take their probiotic, and if it’s at least 45 minutes to an hour before your breakfast, then that can work out well.

However, some folks report a bit of extra gas or slight bloating, especially when first starting a probiotic regimen, and that’s not quite the ideal scenario when you are on the way to work.

Taking a probiotic at meal time is not generally recommended, due to the increased acid in our stomachs- which we need for optimal digestion!- but I do recommend eating cultured foods and beverages with your meals. This is a very traditional practice that supports digestion and does provide some beneficial bacteria for a healthy gut.

Turns out that for the most part, taking your probiotic before bed (at least 2 hours after eating your evening meal) is the best time of day for optimal results!

The main exception?

If you are also on a prescribed antibiotic, take your probiotic as far away from antibiotic dosages as possible, even if that means taking the probiotic earlier in the day.

Do you take a probiotic supplement? Have you tried taking it before bed? Tell us more in the comments below!

  • I would think that it is better taken at night before bed when you’re resting and your body is making its repairs while you sleep these little guys can get right to work without too much interference from food or stomach acids.

  • I was just prescribed a probiotic supplement by my doctor but he didn’t tell me when was the best time to take it, only to take it in cold water. I have been taking it at night after or with dinner but I wasn’t sure if that was the best time. It was just when I remembered to do so! Glad to hear that it may actually be the best time to take it after all!

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