RFWH72: Travel Tuesdays, Charlotte, North Carolina and Asheville, North Carolina- Exploring the Biltmore, Discovering Real Food and Farm Goodies, Taking a Spa Break

Episode 72

In this Travel Tuesdays episode, join us as we explore Charlotte, North Carolina and meet up with friends before traveling to Asheville, North Carolina to discover some real food farm goodies, check out the Bilmore estate and gardens and hit a couple of spas to relax.


From this episode:
RV Resort: Carowinds Camp Wilderness, Charlotte, North Carolina
Service: The Joint, Charlotte, North Carolina
Restaurant: Smoke, Charlotte, North Carolina
Shop: Nordstrom, Charlotte, North Carolina
Podcast Episode: The Grace of Balance, Overcoming Perfectionism, The Cult of Busy, The Gold Star Society, Pinterest Perfection, Transforming Life After Near-Death, Hustle vs Flow, with Guest, Kendall Kendrick
Website: Heal Thyself
Website: Taste of Healing with Carol Green, NTP
Restaurant: Block & Grinder, Charlotte, North Carolina
Shop: Whole Foods, Charlotte, North Carolina
Restaurant: Chipotle, Charlotte, North Carolina
Sightseeing: Dilworth area, Charlotte, North Carolina
Shop: Savory Spice Shop, Charlotte, North Carolina
Shop: Hidden Cove Lemon Garlic
Recipe: Savory Mole Sauce
Shop: Instant Pot
Restaurant: Luna’s Living Kitchen, Charlotte, North Carolina
Shop: Atherton Market, Charlotte, North Carolina
Shop: Queen City Pantry, Charlotte, North Carolina
Shop: Pet Wants Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina
Sightseeing: The Green, Charlotte, North Carolina
Restaurant: 300 East, Charlotte, North Carolina
RV Resort: Mama’s Gertie’s Hideaway Campground
Sightseeing: Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC
Restaurant: Stable Cafe, Biltmore Estate
Winery: Biltmore Winery, Biltmore Estate
Restaurant: French Broad Chocolate, Asheville, NC
Restaurant: Mela, Asheville, NC
Farm/CSA: Foothill Farms, Asheville, NC
Restaurant: Hi-Wire Brewing Co, Asheville, NC
Shop: Buchi Kombucha, Asheville, NC
Watch: Birke Baehr’s Ted Talk
Book: Birke on the Farm
Website: BirkeOnTheFarm.com
Spa: Shoji Spa, Asheville, NC
Restaurant: Buchi Bar, Asheville, NC
Restaurant: Buxton Hall, Asheville, NC
Shop: Whole Foods, Asheville, NC
Spa: Wake Foot Sanctuary & Spa, Asheville, NC

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