RFWH63: A Holistic Approach to Our Cycles, Preparing Our Daughters For Normal Periods, Addressing Period Problems with Oriental Medicine, Thoughts on the V Steam Trend with Guest, Dr. De’Nicea Hilton

Episode 63

Ladies, listen up! This one’s for you! In this episode, we’re getting real about our monthly cycles. We’re approaching periods with a holistic mindset, troubleshooting problems with Oriental medicine, chatting about preparing our daughters for their first period, talking about the v steam trend (yep, we went there with yoni steams!) and much more with Dr. De’Nicea Hilton.


From this episode:
Dr. De’Nicea’s website Hilton Holistic Health
Pill Bleeds are Not Periods
Learn more about the MTHFR mutation
Soil and Mineral Depletion
Why You Should Avoid Plastics and a Primer on BPA
Natural Period Products: Lunapads, Thinx, Gladrags, Seventh Generation
The Care and Keeping Of You 1 (For Younger Girls)
The Care and Keeping of You 2 (For Older Girls)
The Boy’s Body Book
Hot Water Bottle- More Natural Than a Heating Pad
Mountain Rose Herbs
Essential Oils
Massage for Fertility and Cycles
Grassfed Beef Liver
Yoni Steam Herbs
Sisters of Flow Podcast

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