Learning to Use Essential Oils for Natural Health at Home

Essential oils are extremely beneficial allies in our natural health journey. They can be used to stop the itch or sting of bug bites, to ease headaches, to affect our mood and stress level, help us sleep, soothe a cranky baby and help us fight a cold.

But where to start if you are new to essential oils?

Here are over 35 resources to get you started using essential oils today!

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Raine’s Medicine Cabinet from Nourishing Ourselves

From Learning About EO’s:
Using Essential Oils Safely Cheat Sheet
Properly Diluting
Extraction methods
Safety during pregnancy
Importance of Latin Names
Knowing Chemotypes
Menthol EOs and children

Now that you know HOW and WHY to use essential oils…you may be wondering, “What brand of essential oils do I choose?”

We personally use and recommend Young Living.  However, we’ve also used other wonderful essential oils from a variety of companies (doTerra, Native American Nutritionals, Vibrant Blue, etc) but my top pick is always Young Living because I’ve worked with their essential oils since 1995, I feel that they have extensive education and resources and I can whole heartedly recommend them based on quality and effectiveness.

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