A Guide to Choosing Healthy Grains

Grains are not suitable for every diet or for every person all the time. If it is appropriate for you to eat grains, here is how to choose them.

  • Grains should be organically grown and locally grown if possible.
  • Grains contain anti-nutrients like phytic acid, proper preparation of soaking, souring or sprouting grains (including corn and rice) and flours is necessary.
  • Rather than use brown rice, which contains anti-nutrients, my personal preference is to choose organic white rice and to cook it in homemade mineral rich bone broth, season with unrefined sea salt and lots of grass-fed butter. It’s an occasional feature in our diet, and does not contain the phytic acid. The broth and salt help to add minerals and the butter helps to buffer blood sugar spikes.
  • Grains should be whole or close to whole- like oat groats or steel cut oats, wheat berries, etc. If you choose flour, choose whole meal flour in place of bleached/refined flours.