A Guide to Choosing Healthy Fruit

A Guide to Choosing Healthy Fruits

  • Fruits should be organically or sustainably grown, and choose locally grown whenever possible.
  • Fresh and frozen fruits should always be chosen before canned fruit. Canned fruit should generally be avoided.
  • Dried fruit can be purchased or made yourself in a dehydrator. When you purchase dried fruit (like raisins, cherries, plums/prunes, etc) choose unsweetened when possible and always opt for unsulphured (without sulphur dioxide or other preservatives).
  • One to two pieces of fruit per day is more than sufficient for most people, especially those with compromised blood sugar handling.
  • Raw fruits have higher enzymes and nutrient levels in most cases. Cultured/fermented fruits, like some chutneys, are also very healthful.
  • Choose more sour (less sweet) fruits (green apples and berries, etc) over sweeter fruits (like pineapple, mango, bananas).