A Guide to Choosing Healthy Fish and Seafood

A Guide to Choosing Healthy Fish & Seafood

  • Choose only wild-caught fish whenever possible. In some cases, it may be more expensive, but it is better for you. Farmed fish is generally not the healthiest choice, with the exception of some shellfish.
  • It’s best to choose sustainable seafood. Visit www.seafoodwatch.org to learn more.
  • Oily fish, such as salmon, herring, trout and sardines contain essential fatty acids that are vital to your health so choose these types of fish over others.
  • Larger fish like tuna, swordfish, shark and other bigger fish may be higher in mercury, so consume these rarely.
  • Shellfish, like mussels and clams, are very nutrient-dense and are an economical choice. While wild may be preferable, shellfish can be sustainably farmed.
  • Fish roe/caviar is a very healthful food. While some caviar is expensive, salmon roe is among the most affordable options and is extremely nutrient-dense.
  • Sea vegetables and seaweeds are easily added to soups/stews or atop salads and are a natural source of minerals, including iodine, which is necessary for thyroid health.