Is Your First Aid Ointment Causing More Problems Than It Solves?

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In nearly every medicine cabinet, first aid and other ointments of various types play a prominent role.

From bug bites, scrapes and cuts to chapped lips, mild burns and eczema, ointments are often our go-to solution.

Ointments aren’t just popular at home, but in doctor’s offices as well.

Dermatologists, especially, rely on ointments because they treat all sorts of skin conditions, wounds and surgical stitches as well as perform cosmetic treatments like lasering, peels and exfoliation.

One dermatologist, Dr. Heather D. Rogers, was growing increasingly concerned with the quality of the ingredients in the various ointments she was using in the office. She had also seen patients suffering from side effects of over-the-counter ointments they’d been using at home.

Neosporin, Vaseline, Aquaphor, Polysporin and Bag Balm are popular ointments. All of them are petroleum based.

Petroleum is made from a jelly-like precipitate found on oil rigs and wells. Petroleum is not a sustainable substance and the health of long term exposure is questionable.

In addition to petroleum, many of these balms contain lanolin, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, fragrance and other common allergens.

When damaged from cuts, braises, or other wounds that compromise the integrity of our largest organ, the skin, it’s at its most vulnerable. This is not the time to be using products with questionable ingredients, fillers and other additives.

  • Neomycin and Bacitracin, found in most OTC topical antibiotics, are “Top-10 Sensitizers” per the North American Contact Dermatitis Group with reported rates of contact dermatitis as high as 34%.
  • Lanolin, a key ingredient in Aquaphor, has never been shown to aid in healing but the incidence of allergy is rapidly increasing. A recent study of 1,012 children, found 66% of kids with eczema and 29% without react to lanolin when patch tested.
  • Vaseline is hypoallergenic but only provides protection by occluding wounds and many of us want a petroleum-free option.

Dr Rogers and her patients were frustrated with the options currently on the market, and after more than a decade of unsuccessfully searching for a hypoallergenic, natural, sustainable solution, Dr Rogers decided to create one herself.

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Utilizing only sustainably harvested plant-based ingredients, Restore was born.

The ingredients in Restore are glycerin and castor seed oil and castor wax. Glycerin is a strong humectant, pulling water towards itself to create a moist environment for healing skin. Castor seed oil and castor wax are well-known emollients that hydrate and moisturize the skin.

Skin heals more quickly and effectively when it is kept hydrated and clean.

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In addition to carefully choosing her ingredients, Dr Rogers went several steps further and chose to have her product FDA approved so her patients and all of us could feel secure using this on our most vulnerable skin.

The FDA approval process includes numerous tests, all of which Restore passed with flying colors. It was found not to cause allergic reactions or even eye irritation.

It was exposed to various humidity levels and temperatures without affecting its composition even after two years and it was inhospitable to fostering bacterial or fungal growth.

Restore is manufactured in an FDA approved facility within the United States.

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I have been using Restore for several months now and I love it!

It’s replaced other ointments I had in my medicine cabinet and first-aid kit. I have a travel size container in my purse and makeup kit.

There are SO many ways to use Restore.

Dr Rogers says she has a list of about 100 uses and it keeps growing.

Because it’s safe for the whole family, you can use it multiple times daily.

Restore Uses
And more…

Now you can try Restore for yourself!

Dr Rogers is so sure that you will love Restore, she offers a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Thanks to Restore for sending me a sample and being a sponsor.
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